Heat-Powered Fan (Thermo Fan)
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Heat-Powered Fan (Thermo Fan)

Improves the efficiency of any wood-burning stove.


The heat-powered fan or Thermo Fan is a great way to improve the heat distribution of your stove.

As we all learned at school, hot air rises.  The Thermo Fan helps to gently push the heat that rises from the top of the stove forward into the room. This is particularly helpful when you have a stove inside an existing chimney space, as many stoves are.

Thermo fan

The fans are powered using electricity generated entirely by the heat from the stove. The fans convert the heat into electricity to power the fan motor using a process called the ‘Seebeck’ effect, and a special generator module in the fan. This means that they will still function even during load shedding!

“Eco-fan” is the product of a Canadian company who were one of the first to harness and convert the heat energy from the stove top into electricity.  There have been many alternative products since then, from a variety of manufacturers. We tested several and found this design (similar to the original Eco-fan) to be the quietest and the most effective.

Operational between 150° and 350°C and available in three blade types, the fans stand approx 23 cms tall with a blade diameter of approx 20 cms for maximum efficiency. The fans are practically silent when running!

Stove Fan 3Stove Fan Blak and Silver







For best usage and longer lifespan, we recommend using the Thermo fan with a Flue Thermometer.


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