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Charnwood Stoves Features

What makes Charnwood closed combustion fireplaces 'exceptional'?

Charnwood Fireplaces Air Control

A demonstration of how much control can be achieved with a closed combustion stove from Charnwood.

How to run a Charnwood stove

Firing a wood-stove through the night 9 hours straight on one load of wood.

British Made Video

Charnwood are an award winning family company


Charnwood Video

The making of a Charnwood fireplace.


Thermo-Fan (Eco Fan)

How to boost the efficiency of any wood burning stove with a heat powered stove fan.

Cleaning The Glass On Your Wood Burning Stove

This video demostrates how you can clean the glass on a wood burning stove

Lighting the Charnwood Cove 3 Video

There's nothing quite like a real wood fire.


Earthfire Video

The making of an Earthfire ceramic pot fireplace.