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Charnwood Stoves In Action

View some of our models under fire to see what makes Charnwood stoves truly 'exceptional'.

Charnwood Stoves Features

What makes Charnwood closed combustion fireplaces 'exceptional'?

Charnwood Video

The making of a Charnwood fireplace.


Charnwood Fireplaces Air Control

A demonstration of how much control can be achieved with a closed combustion stove from Charnwood.

How to run a Charnwood stove

Firing a wood-stove through the night 9 hours straight on one load of wood.

Lighting the Charnwood Cove 3 Video

There's nothing quite like a real wood fire.


Cleaning The Glass On Your Wood Burning Stove

This video demostrates how you can clean the glass on a wood burning stove

Thermo-Fan (Eco Fan)

How to boost the efficiency of any wood burning stove with a heat powered stove fan.