31 Mar 2019

WIN-ter 2019 is here with Charnwood South Africa!

Win an exceptional Charnwood fireplace worth R16,000!

31 Mar 2019

Win an exceptional Charnwood fireplace worth R16,000!

This year, we are giving away the fabulous little ‘Country 4’ stove to one of our Charnwood fans.

Here is how you enter:

Simply register any new stove purchased between 1st April and 31st July 2019 for your extended warranty (see Technical page) and you will automatically be entered into a draw to possibly win a second stove!! Yes, that’s right – two stoves for the price of one!

You must register within 14 days of purchase. With around 100-150 stoves usually sold within this period, your chances of winning are much better than any other prize draws!!

You can get more details from your local Charnwood Premier Dealer (ask us for details of who is closest to you). The prize does not include shipping or installation costs.

The ‘Country 4’ from Charnwood sells for R16,000.00 (multi-fuel version) and is a cult-classic in the UK. Whether you need a second stove for your bedroom, Granny flat, holiday home or to give to someone as an AWESOME gift, you could be the delighted recipient of a FREE ‘exceptional British Made fireplace’ this winter!

Check this video of the Country 4 in action and see just how easy it is to control!
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  1. Elsie Apr 3rd, 2019 12:53PM

    Awesome to win for coming winter

  2. Gresham Madhan Apr 3rd, 2019 7:56PM

    Stunning prize 👌

  3. Danielle van Heerden Apr 4th, 2019 7:40PM

    Bloemfontein gets really cold in the winter!
    I could really use this stove to heat up my townhouse since there is tiles the whole house through!

  4. STELLA ATKINSON Apr 5th, 2019 4:48PM


  5. Denise Nepgen Apr 8th, 2019 10:35AM

    All these are so beautiful and can only brighten up any home.

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