Toughened Glass Fire Hearth
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Toughened Glass Fire Hearth

Wood fired stoves can be installed on a wooden floor using a glass floor plate.


Building regulations in South Africa require that you utilise a fire hearth if your flooring material near to your fireplace is of a combustible nature. The regulations stipulate that the hearth must be of ‘adequate thickness and of incombustible material’ (SANS 10400 : v2010). The regs require the hearth to extend in front of the fire grate at least 500mm and 300mm on either side. The regs are designed for all fireplaces including traditional open fire places that do not have the added safety of a glazed door to prevent burning embers from ‘spilling’ or ‘spitting’ into the room.

Consult your Builder or Architect if you need more advice.

Whatever your circumstances allow you to use for the purpose, these glass fire hearths are absolutely beautiful! The glass is toughened which menas that it can take the weight of your stove. However, please bear in mind that, should you drop hard objects on to the glass, you can still crack or chip the finish.

  • 10mm toughened glass
  • Available in 3 shades – ‘Grey’, ‘Bronze’ and ‘Clear’
  • Also available with solid coloured under-side to suit your interior scheme


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  • Charnwood C-Seven
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