The Bembridge
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The Bembridge

Exclusive colour range and styling!

Product Details
The Charnwood Bembridge was a collaboration with ‘Country Living’  magazine and features a unique cast iron moulded door. The same output and dimensions as the C5 (max 5.5KW). This means that this fireplace is suitable for a space of up to approximately 135 mᶟ. The Bembrige has a unique and exclusive colour range.

Charnwood Bembridge specifications

  • Charnwood ‘Blu’,  Eco-design 2022 ready option available
  • 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty (see below for details)
  • Multi Fuel Grate
  • Quattro Flow Air Intake
  • External air intake option
  • Choice of /stands
  • Standard dimensions (maximum cms)  56 x 49 x 40
  • Ash pan with ash pan/riddle mechanism tool
  • Heat resistant wooden handle
  • Schott Robax Glass
  • Unique optional colours available – click here for details.

Download Specs

Guarantee Details: 10 year guarantee is a supp