Stove Polish
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Stove Polish

We are delighted to introduce stove polish


We are delighted to introduce stove polish a long awaited (and much needed) range of stove maintenance products which will assist you in keeping your stove in good working order for a lifetime. Developed in Europe, manufactured and tested here in South Africa.

Charnwood, Scan, Jotul, Hunter, Dovre, Saey or Invincible – all of them need maintenance if you want them to give you lifelong service.

Stove Polish


  • Recommended for use internally (will extend the life of your baffle plate) as well as externally to restore and beautify your stove.
  • Heat resistant to circa 2000°C
  • Retards oxidation
  • Protects against chemicals

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Rope Glue

Your average ‘gasket glue’ will be good up to a temperature of 260°C. This product is heat resistant up to 900°C!

Rope Adhesive Pic

Fire Putty

Used to seal the flue exit on your stove or renew seals where the stove panels meet.

Effective up to 1750°C.

Nearest competitor is good up to 1200°C.

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Give us a call we can supply you with the product to suit your needs.