Wood Burning Stove Glass Cleaner
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Wood Burning Stove Glass Cleaner

Keep your stove glass clean with minimal effort


Eventually, even a wood burner working at ‘optimal’ efficiency will get ‘dirty glass’.  The length of time between cleaning can be extended by burning dry wood, keeping your fire burning within the ‘ideal’ range (see info on Flue Thermometer) and avoiding resinous woods. However, when the time comes to clean, there are a variety of suggested means to clean your stove glass. Some glass cleaners can damage your stove glass and some methods can scratch the glass. The glass on stoves is costly so taking care of it is paramount. Who ever cleans the glass should know how to clean it safely and effectively. This glass cleaner product from Europe cleans the glass effectively and safely maintaining a crystal clear view of your fire.

Glass Cleaner Bottle

Limpio Glass Cleaner for wood-burning stoves