Charnwood Island 3B
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Charnwood Island 3B

Stylish and energy efficient, available in choice of colours.


Charnwood Island 3B

Featuring the same signature double door design of the Island range but with the hidden extra of a built in boiler. Output to the boiler is 9KW (max) and an additional 9KW to the room. This means that this fireplace will be able to heat up to 225mᶟ of room space and then have sufficient energy from your boiler to do one of the following:

200 litre geyser + 6-9 radiators
200 litre geyser + 100m² underfloor heating
Any other combination of hot water and/or hot water fed heating to suit your needs
Any surplus energy can be utilised to heat a Jacuzzi or pool.


Dimensions – 78cm (h) x 75cm (w) x 40cm (d)
Multi-fule converter grate with riddle mechanism
Thermostatic cut-off to prevent overheating
Thermostatic control dial for the easiest control of the burn rate on the stove
Available in choice of colours and stands/leg heights

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  • Charnwood sliced fireplace
  • Charnwood Island 3B