Flexible Flues
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Flexible Flues

  Flexible Flues provide good function for

Stove Accessories
Flexible Flues. We provide a variety of accessories to support your purchase from us. Some, but not all, are included in the categories below. Choose your components from our two flue kit ranges. We also supply tool kits, fire hearths in a choice of materials and hot water radiator kits to work in conjuction with our boiler stoves (or wet stoves). In addition, we can supply you with a range of maintenance products that will lengthen the lifespan and service you get from your stove which will save you money in the long run. Just give us a call to get the accessories you need for your fireplace.


Flexible Flues provide good function for your fireplace


Certain fireplace installations dictate a flexible flue in order ensure good function of the fireplace. Normally, this is under circumstances where the flue is being used as a chimney liner inside an existing brick chimney cavity. The features and benefits are as follows:

  • 316 grade Stainless Steel
  • Available in 0.08 – 1.0mm (1 Ply) or 0.16 – 0.2 (2 Ply) thickness.
  • Temerature range good up to 900 degrees C.
  • Available to fit 125mm, 130mm, 150mm and 180mm flue outlets.