Charnwood Tor Range Fireplaces
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Charnwood Tor Range Fireplaces

270° views. Charnwood’s contemporary collection.

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Charnwood Tor Range

is the embodiment of beautiful design and efficient burn technology. Both models feature three-sided glass panelling, giving you 270° views of your fire, at eye level when seated. This means your fire is equally beautiful from just about any angle. Plate steel, cast iron, and ceramic glass construction. Of course, the high-quality and excellent efficiency of Charnwood stoves is maintained.

Colour and soap stone top options are available. Soap stone will help with heat retention, even after the fire has subsided.
Both Tor Range models come with the cleanest burn technology and smoke reduction systems.

In other words, all the things you know and love about Charnwood, with a 270° twist!