Charnwood Flue Thermometer
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Charnwood Flue Thermometer

The Charnwood flue thermometer fits on to


The Charnwood flue thermometer fits on to any stove pipe allowing you to monitor and regulate the temperature in your stove to avoid the early retirement of your throat (baffle) plate, grate or fire bricks.

The quickest and easiest way to prematurely damage your stove is ‘over firing’. To  ‘over fire’ your stove is simply to run it too hot. Whatever brand of stove you own (Franco Belge, Morso, Scan, Jotul, Saey, Hunter, Dovre, Invicta, Invincible and the rest), you will damage it by running it too hot.

Evidence of ‘over-firing’ will invalidate your warranty so a thermometer could save you a bundle of cash if you damage your stove!

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