Charnwood Flue Boilers
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Charnwood Flue Boilers

The perfect energy saving addition to your Charnwood stove.


Charnwood Flue Boilers

If you already have your Charnwood fireplace or you just want nominal output to heat your hot water or a couple of radiators, then Charnwood Flue Boilers might be the perfect option for you.

They can be retro-fitted to any Charnwood stoves except the Tor range.

  • Largest – 3.4KW (max)
  • Medium – 2.4KW (max)
  • Smallest – 1.8KW (max)

Your average heating element in your 200 litre geyser is a 4KW element so if your electrical element takes 1 hour to heat your water in your geyser, then any of these boilers will heat your hot water over a period of between 1 hour 10 mins and 2 hours 10 mins.


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