Charnwood Country Range
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Charnwood Country Range

The traditional range still giving service after 40 years.


Charnwood Country Range

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Charnwood Country Range is the original in the Charnwood range. It is available by special order through Island Fires. The range is very ‘English’ in design, and has a traditional feel to it. This range of fireplaces has gained a massive following throughout Europe.

We have also added the Bembridge stove here, which, although not from the same range, does present a similar design.

The Charnwood Country Range employs the same basic principles of closed combustion technology as the rest of the Charnwood ranges, but with a simpler air intake mechanism (except the Bembridge, which features the more advanced Quattro-flow system). It boasts the same high quality of manufacture found in all Charnwood stoves.
Available with optional hood.

Also available in all of Charnwood’s 8 colours. To see these colours, visit Charnwood.