Charnwood Country 16B
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Charnwood Country 16B

The “mother” of all boilers, with a whopping 13.2KW max output.


Charnwood Country 16B

The Charnwood Country 16B is the ‘original’ boiler stove from Charnwood has now been servicing customers for well over a decade. Output to the boiler is a huge 13.2KW (max) and an additional 6.4KW to the room. This means that this fireplace will be able to heat up to 160m³ of room space.  It will then still have sufficient energy from your boiler to heat one of the following:

200 litre geyser + 10 radiators
200 litre geyser + 150m² underfloor heating
Any other combination of hot water and/or hot water fed heating to suit your needs
Any surplus energy can be utilised to heat a Jacuzzi or pool.


  • Dimensions – 75cm (h) x 61(w) x 46(d)
  • Multi-fule grate with riddle mechanism
  • Thermostatic cut-off to prevent overheating
  • Thermostatic control dial for the easiest control of the burn rate on the stove
  • Available in choice of colours
  • Optional canopy

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  • Charnwood Country 16B
  • Charnwood Country 16B
  • Charnwood Country 16 fireplace
  • Charnwood Country 16B