Charnwood Carbon Monoxide Detector
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Charnwood Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Charnwood Carbon Monoxide detector will alert


The Charnwood Carbon Monoxide detector will alert you should the level of Carbon Monoxide rise to dangerous levels through any manner of causes be it a leak in your flue system, maintenance issues on your fireplace or down-draft.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning claims 4000 lives in the USA per annum, a country where fireplace products and installations are very tightly regulated. The statistics for South Africa are not known but one can be assured that it is a real and present danger for any using solid fuel heating fireplaces or appliances (even generators).

Whatever the cause, this is an absolute must for any home using solid fuel or gas as fuel within the building.

What are Common Causes of Carbon Monoxide Exposure?

Your family is most at risk of carbon monoxide exposure when fuel-burning appliances are improperly used or fall into disrepair. Gas and oil furnaces, fireplaces, and wood stoves all generate carbon monoxide. A relatively recent and growing cause of carbon monoxide poisoning cases are portable generators which have become the popular choice during the ‘load shedding’ issues facing South Africans.

With chimneys, fireplaces and stoves, most carbon monoxide problems occur because of improper exhausting of fumes. Such problems are almost entirely avoidable through correct installation and regular professional fireplace & chimney inspection.

One of the reasons carbon monoxide is so deadly is that you generally can’t see or smell it: rarely do its victims have any warning. Low levels of poisoning tend to cause flu-like symptoms, so that people think they are just catching a cold. More advanced poisoning can cause vomiting and headaches and even death. Carbon monoxide is deadly because it tricks the body into thinking it is oxygen. The body actually prefers carbon monoxide, choosing it over oxygen when both are present in the atmosphere. Once in the body, carbon monoxide goes everywhere in the body, including the brain. Children, in particular, are quite susceptible to brain damage after relatively low levels of exposure. Read more about this in our article on Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Charnwood Carbon Monoxide Detector

Charnwood Carbon Monoxide Detector