Charnwood Aire Range
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Charnwood Aire Range

Clever design meets super efficiency. The ‘Aire’


Clever design meets super efficiency.

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The ‘Aire’ range was launched in the UK in 2019 and was a fabulous success from the start selling over 1000 units during it’s first 3 months! It features the same super easy air control systems to regulate your fire as our other stoves. The Aire is the first purpose built wood-only stove which is ideal for the vast majority of the South African market. This decision steers the user towards sustainable and carbon neutral fuel sources – ie responsibly sourced wood. It also achieved exceptional efficiency ratings which exceed the future ‘Eco-Design 2022’ regulations by a substantial margin.

The Aire series of stoves embodies what matter most to Charnwood – clean, efficient, easy to operate, beautiful in any room and responsible to the environment.

Each unit in the range features a large window which maximizes your view of the fire and a sizable firebox.

The range also come with a pre-fitted external air intake option to maximize heat retention in your room and maintain a good ‘draw’ in your chimney. This improves the operation and heat output of your stove – especially if you are already invested in making your home heat efficient.

We have many other stoves that meet the ‘Eco-Design’ standards for clean burning. See our ‘Blu’ standard for those stoves that comply.

We offer a choice of two stand options to create your desired aesthetic.

Also available in all of Charnwood’s 8 colours. To see these colours, visit¬†Charnwood.

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