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Wood or Pellet?

Wood Stove or Pellet Stove – which is best?






I was going to write an article on the ‘pros and cons’ of these alternative solutions for heating your home but it turns out a nice man by the name of Collin Dunn has ‘done’ (excuse the pun Collin) it for me on the website ‘Treehugger’ (nice)!

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Secondary heating and your stove

Secondary heating from your stove

Island_III_B_cut_awayWet Stoves, Boiler Stoves or Back-Boilers are all expressions used to describe a wood burning stove that can also heat water. The water will be used to ‘exchange’ heat to various other areas of the home.

We all want to save money on electricity. In fact, we are all so nervous about the lack of electricity these days that more and more people are sourcing alternative means to ‘get off the grid’ and heat their homes with other methods.

The wood fired boiler stoves do exactly this. They heat water which is circulated in a sealed ‘loop’ system and can be used to transfer heat in a variety of ways :

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Which Stove?

Which Stove? Chinese, South American or European?

The wood burning stove industry has exploded in South Africa over the past 5-10 years. A large part of that ‘boon’ is the influx of very affordable cheaper fireplace products from South America and China (along, of course, with hefty rate increases on Gas and Electricity as heat sources for our homes).

But does it matter what stove you purchase? After all, it’s just a metal box isnt it? Are there really any tangible differences in the cheaper products?

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