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Combatting Condensation on your Stove

Combatting Condensation on your Stove.

The damage caused by condensation is not to be undere -stimated. Your stove is a metallic product. Regardless of whether your wood burner is made from Cast Iron or Boiler Plate Steel, whether you paid R5,000 or R50,000 for it, your stove will be highly susceptible to rust if it sits with a coating of condensation on it regularly.

Here is one example we were called out to view:

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Which Stove?

Which Stove? Chinese, South American or European?

The wood burning stove industry has exploded in South Africa over the past 5-10 years. A large part of that ‘boon’ is the influx of very affordable cheaper fireplace products from South America and China (along, of course, with hefty rate increases on Gas and Electricity as heat sources for our homes).

But does it matter what stove you purchase? After all, it’s just a metal box isnt it? Are there really any tangible differences in the cheaper products?

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